Paramedic Staff


Paramedics are registered emergency healthcare professionals.

Our paramedics are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and are issued with a personal identification number. This number can be checked via the HCPC website.

All paramedics in the UK must be registered to operate legally as the word 'paramedic' is a protected title.

Paramedics are normally supported by emergency medical technicians as their effectiveness as a lone medic could be limited.

To effectively manage a seriously ill or injured patient the paramedic must

  • carry or have immediate access to a defibrillator
  • carry or have immediate access to medical oxygen / entonox
  • be able to maintain an airway with advanced airway management equipment
  • be able to establish intravenous access via a cannulation kit
  • have access to intravenous fluids to maintain blood pressures
  • have access to intravenous and other drugs (JRCALC) to treat a variety of medical emergencies

Without these vital elements the individual is either unlawfully acting as a paramedic or their skills could not be effectively used to help save lives.

Not all voluntary or private ambulance providers are paramedics, in fact only a minority are able to attract these professionals and equip them to standards required to carry out their role.